Extrasensorial – Video game made in the Global Game Jam 2014

I made this video game in the Global Game Jam in 2014 with 5 other people.

You need to change your sensations to see or hear what the real world is look like.


W A S D: Move

Mouse: Look around

Spacebar: Jump

Shift (either key): Shift between blind a

more info here: https://globalgamejam.org/2014/games/extrasensorial


  • Agustina Saldoval (Game Design – Art – Level Design)
  • Daniel Avendaño (Game Design – Level Design)
  • Julian Impelluso (Programming – Game Design)
  • Axel Ali (Game Design – Level Design)
  • Renzo Orion Fontán Barrientos (Game Concept – Sound Effects)
  • Alejandro Tiscornia (Music)

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